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  Attracting Women & Picking Up Women With Body Language

  Tips on How to Pick Up Women in a Bar

You know how to splash on a bit of aftershave and head out to the clubs on Saturday evening, however do you really know how to pick up girls in a bar?  If you end up alone at the end of the evening as a rule, then you definately may need this advice.  Getting lucky has nothing to do with luck.  Some guys are pretty good on the art of the pick-up, however the ones who hit probably the most homeruns understand the science behind closing the sale.  Within the game of “the best way to pick up women in a bar” you both end in 1st place or you lose.

Don’t be a lone wolf-get a wingman

Women don’t go to bars alone-they’re ladies.  If she’s sitting at the bar alone, you better have $300 in your wallet if you need any actionfrom her.  Girls are likely to make pacts before going out, promising that one is not going to abandon the other for a guy.  Not only that, but guys prowling around by themselves have a tendency to seem threatening and of low value to discriminating women.  You’ll increase your possibilities of success by a factor of three or more when you work with a partner.  Should you go to the bar alone, find a brother-in-arms when you get there.

With a buddy on your team, it’s a lot simpler to pick up women in a bar.  You can more easily approach pairs and teams of ladies, and they are going to be much more receptive.  The most effective route is normally for 2 guys to approach 2  girls.  If there is a big distinction in the attractiveness of the two ladies, it is at all times best for one of the males to approach the much less fascinating woman first.  You and your friend may need to flip a coin for the fox; loser goes first for the other girl.  That is the time-tested wingman routine, and an effective method to pick up ladies in a bar.  The beautiful lady will be delighted to have her friend entertained by a guy, and will need you to stay-and so will the woman who doesn’t get many dates.  There are loads of diamonds in the rough out there, guys, so she might turn out to be a real gem.

Now your pal comes by and says whats up to you and asks if he can join the party.  Both girls are blissful, and both of them will really feel safer leaving as a foursome at the end of the evening too.  By the way, if you end up falling in love with plain Jane and getting married, you may not wish to inform her that you ended up together with her since you flipped a coin and lost…

Go ugly early

Okay, so you don’t need to go for a revoltingly disgusting girl.  The point is, all the guys laser in on the mini-skirt clad babes with miles of cleavage and “take-me-to-bed” stiletto heels.  Some are great ladies, however some are also people you would never need to spend a minute with in the event that they didn’t have such tempting candy.  Every girl there’s a young woman with perfect skin and a great body.  There isn’t a greater pleasure than unwrapping a librarian and discovering a wonderland like you’ve never seen before.  And the truth is, she will respect your touch and attention a lot more than the hussy who spends all night making guys really feel like garbage.

Should you really wish topick up women in a bar, don’t neglect to check out the good women with a few extra pounds, a shy personality, or a poor sense of style who are aching to have the eye of a fantastic man like you.  Don’t wait until the final dance before you decide to get realistic.  Unless you’re Brad Pitt, don’t waste the entire evening chasing Angelina Jolie.  Search for those with lonely and pure hearts.  And keep in mind, each plain girl has a phenomenal friend.  You’ve got zero to lose by approaching your fourth or fifth alternative, particularly if your first choice by no means appears to be desirous about you.

Go for the pack

Instead of going for the high-risk, high-strain blind ambush on a lady when she’s alone, head right for the table of six and handle them as a group.  ”Hi, girls!  Which one in all you is my future girlfriend?”  Don’t be surprised if all of them point you to the shy lady on the end of the table and move over so you may sit by her.  You can utilize clearly hokey lines with a group and get a laugh, even though the same lines would be immediately rejected by an individual girl.  Ask if any of them lost a glass slipper, or try, “Wow!  Is Hugh Hefner around here?”  If you want to pick up women in a bar, you may have a whole lot of fun and success by approaching groups of girls.

You can have all of the appeal and pure style on the planet, but should you approach the wrong women at the wrong time within the wrong situation, all your great moves won’t get you where you wish to go.  Put the science and data behind your artistic charms if you really want to succeed everytime you go out to pick up women.

Richie Coleman

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