Legend of Zelda pick-up lines

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For all those Gerudo women in your life, king of evil. ;D This is seriously what all those “That’s what she said” jokes do to you. Obviously the only one I didn’t make up myself was the very last one. And the only games I’ll admit to leaving out were Link’s Awakening and Oracle of Seasons / Ages. 4 Swords sucked deku nuts. Recorded 8-9-10 Bahahaha. (Too bad I didn’t even notice that until just now)

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13 Responses to “Legend of Zelda pick-up lines”
  1. Accumen26 says:

    you screwed up the last one it’s ‘how ’bout a kiss, for luck!’

  2. rsbcjester says:

    can’t believe you actually used that last one

  3. Elecy says:

    Lawl lawl lawl. I’m so using these.

    Sacred Grove. Pedestal. Lawl.

  4. @impieman10 It’s from the Legend of Zelda cartoon. o_o Watch this video v=L_Zk_1VsmSA

  5. impieman10 says:

    how about a kiss , princess?,
    how’s that possiby a the legend of zelda pickup line ? O.o

  6. superfox1080 says:

    I like the deku nut stunning one :3

  7. OMG i never thought of the master sword as a dirty pick up line!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 19Rayzen96 says:

    Lmao, Bravo that made me laugh so hard!

  9. Agecrazycatz says:

    haha these are so dirty, but some of them are cute =3
    thanks, I’ll definately test them out =P

  10. boinnng says:

    HUH!!!???? (Obviously I don’t know the games…) I hope these pick-up lines work for you (yea, baby!). If not, you can always offer a free yogurt or two.

    (I’d like to go to your sacred grove and stick my massive sword in your pedistal!!??!! OH MY!!!)


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